Kendall-Jackson:A Global Leader in Sustainability Practices
Kendall-Jackson:A Global Leader in Sustainability Practices
Created for the Summer of 2012, and commissioned by the CMO of Kendall-Jackson at the time, Ms. Caroline Shaw. It was used as part of the keynote presentation by the V.P. of Sustainability, Mr. Robert Boller, for the company's National Sales Meeting. It was then turned into a social media piece to educate audiences and those who enjoy the brand's wines.

- Technical data provided fromKendall-Jackson's 'Sustainability' staff:
Mr.Robert Boller, V.P. ofSustainability; Mr. Justin Lee, Sustainability Manager, Mr. BrennanAlvarez, Government Affairs

- Copywriting by Ms. Leanne Chabalko

- 2D Illustrations by Ms. BrookeBarttelbort

- 2D-to-3D depth alignment: Ms.Michelle Eisley, Mr. Ali Poursamadi, Mr. Alejandro Franceschi

- 2D & 3D Animation: Mr. AlejandroFranceschi



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