¡Que Familia Más Normal! - 911 Call to Create Show Open

¡Que Familia Más Normal! was a Spanish language Direct-to-DVD & TV Feature (that I also worked on) which was later spun off into a TV series due to its popularity. I was asked to create the titles for the series literally at the last minute - 72 hours before it was to air, as the original editor's animation was not to the producer's liking. Working with my client in the Caribbean, files were sent via FTP, edited, animated, and sent back for approval over the course of a few days and it was done. While I am happy with most of it, the ending where everyone is in the same shot is not so great. This was because I simply did not have a pro group photo from the series, nor any production stills from which to cut out the actors and place them. Instead, I had to cull a still from the random footage of outtakes, bloopers, and some series' shots, to make the last shot. Combing through hours of footage on a 911 deadline, for a CU of every actor where they were in focus was challenging, but I got it done in time. I would have like to have tweaked it some more after air, but they left it as is, despite offering to complete it free of charge if they provided production photos.

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