Kendall-Jackson: Vineyard Practices,"Suckering"

Kendall-Jackson Winemaker, MatthewSmith, discusses the vineyard practice of "suckering"grapevines in the Spring, so that fruit which blooms later is fullerand more concentrated for the production of wine.

Looking at a row of grapevines that have already been 'suckered.' The pulled organic material is left on the vineyard row floor as a form of natural fertilizer.
This is a closeup of a grapevine before it has been tended to for 'suckering.'
A grapevine after it has been 'suckered.' A single individual can do about an acre per hour, though new machines are likely to replace this back-breaking and tedious work.
Kendall-Jackson Winemaker, Mr. Matthew Smith, processed with mild digital cosmetic enhancement. He was shot against a very simple chromakey background with daylight balanced fluorescent lights, and shot with the very same Canon 7D (in 1080p) as was used in the vineyard - even the same lens (a Canon Macro ES 28mm -135mm; 3.5 f-stop).

Shooting in 4:2:0 colour space, as is exported by the Canon 7D (no, I did not use the Magic Lantern 'HDR' hack) is a challenge when pulling a key, but I feel an experienced operator can produce decent results.
The original, unprocessed chromakey footage: 4:2:0 colour space, 8-bit, AVCHD.
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