2012: Kendall-Jackson Family Enterprises - V.P. of P.R.

Freelance Senior Transmedia Creative For Hire: www.linkedin.com/in/alejandrofranceschi Although this video was made nearly a year ago, I could not display it publicly until now due to a NDA clause showing a product placement for #IronMan3 . Since Iron Man 3 is now in release, I can now unlock and share this project with you. Enjoy! I made this as part of the 2012 National Sales Meeting presentation for the winery and its portfolio of 25+ other brands. (at the time of creation & public release of this video) This video was the #multimedia presentation capstone for the Vice President of Public Relations & Marketing at Kendall-Jackson Family Enterprises: Mr. Jason Hunke. If you watch the video, you'll understand the client brief: something fun, energetic, and "MTV-style" in its editing, color, music, etc. I was confident I delivered, he was very pleased with the result, as was the enthused audience reaction at the 2012 National Sales Meeting. (P.S. - I did have a HUGE MTV logo on there for/with #JohnnyDepp , but we cut it for time...::sigh::)

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